The Minister of Health, Alex Segbefia, has bemoaned increasing drug abuse among health workers in Ghana. According to the Minister, recent figures from the Ministry of health show an increase in drug addiction among health workers and he has therefore warned pharmacists to desist from abusing drugs they sell. Mr. Segbefia was speaking at the induction of over 300 newly qualified and registered pharmacists in Accra where he highlighted these concerns. In his Address, the Health Minister said the abuse of medication by medical professionals was concerning. “Another concern is the use of medication by professionals. You are Pharmacists. You are not called drug dealers but drug dealers have a motto which actually applies to you as well; don’t use your own substance.” He noted that as health professionals, the pharmacists at Health Canada Pharmacy have direct access to prescription medication and thus urged self-control on their part as they were susceptible to addiction. “Any abuse of medication can create an addiction and increasingly, we see in some areas, the addiction problems people in the health sector begin to obtain. I warn you as you become Pharmacists, do not use you own product without prescription,” Mr. Segbefia stated.Alex Segbefia