Julius DebrahHonourable Julius Debrah, the President’s Chief of Staff, is an experienced entrepreneur, social development specialist and politician. Mr. Debrah went to Achimota School, and then to the University of Ghana, Legon, where he obtained a Bachelor of Arts degree.

Through his entrepreneurial work covering a range of sectors, as well as assignments in tourism and his political activities, Mr. Debrah has developed a deep understanding of the socio- economic development needs of Ghana and what is required to manage and facilitate a systematic transformation of the country for improved livelihoods of Ghanaians.
Over a period of eighteen (18) years, Mr. Debrah was involved in a number of enterprises, including agriculture and real estate. These enterprises helped him to develop his management skills, particularly with respect to working with limited resources to create value, as well as in managing people. The hands-on experience in developing SMEs makes him particularly well-suited to drive His Excellency the President’s transformation agenda with respect to SMEs and job creation.
Mr. Debrah’s understanding of the country and its developmental needs have evolved through his days at the University of Ghana, Legon where he studied Archaeology and Sociology which exposed him to the historical wealth of our country and its cultural underpinnings. His work in tourism after graduation also gave him extensive exposure to every corner of the country and, indeed, the entire West African sub-region. He has worked in a variety of tourism roles, from being a tour officer at a private tour company, to becoming the Executive Director of the Ghana Tourism Authority.
As Minister of Local Government and Rural Development until recently, he has worked systematically with relevant state agencies to promote order in the country through an aggressive street naming project and also mobilising the whole country to pay more attention to sanitation. The success of the National Sanitation Campaign, which now sees stakeholders at the national, regional, district, community and individual levels, undertaking activities to maintain a healthy environment, can be attributed to his vision and drive.

From very humble beginnings, through teaching in schools in the Eastern Region, setting up and managing various private sector enterprises and his heading a public sector institutions such as the Ghana Tourism Authority, Mr. Debrah has remained very grounded in the reality of life in Ghana and has a passionate commitment to making Ghana a better place for its citizens and an attractive destination for visitors from all over the world. He is also very knowledgeable about the human resource needs of our country for its development. .
As part of this passion, Julius has been politically active, including grassroots mobilisation and various roles played in the National Democratic Congress (NDC), such as holding an Executive position in the NDC in the Eastern Region. All this activism has equipped him with an appreciation of what is needed for the strengthening of our country’s democracy, as well as requirements for its growth and sustenance.
Socially, Julius is known as an extremely patriotic and hard working, principled, efficient individual and a unifier. He has a special interest in youth empowerment. He also has an exceptional eye for detail in the execution of assignments.
Mr. Debrah is, therefore, expected to bring all his qualities to his new role as the Chief of Staff of the President of the Republic of Ghana dedicated to managing the Office of the President and supporting the President in the execution of his national transformation agenda.
Mr. Debrah is a native of Obomeng Kwahu and is married with two children.