90% of people fall short of this. We all take our smart phones or tablets to the toilet. In fact it has become a very common habit among Phone users.

But according to scientist it is very dangerous habbit and exposes the user to all forms of infections by bacteria such as E. Coli or Salmonella which which can o a lot of damage to the body system.

Are you wondering how that is possible?

Dr. Lisa Ackerley has the answer. “If you wipe your bum then pick up your phone, you may as well not bother washing your hands because all the bacteria you put on your phone will end up back on your hands,” she says.

What option then do phone users who have grown addicted to this habit have?

Well, according to Dr. Ron Cutler, not taking your phone in the bathroom is the right step. “Basically, you just shouldn’t (take your phone into the toilet) if you are at all concerned about the transfer of viruses and fecal contamination.”

The doctor went on to explain that the level of contamination depends on the location of the toilet facility.

Compare to offices and home toilet facility, public toilets have high increase risk of infection.

He went on to explain that virus transmission is very common and can be transferred by anything. A such its not restricted to only by hands or air

A single spray from the toilet can travel six feet from the flush and end on your toothbrush, which is why it should be in a closed cupboard.

Germs can even survive on your phone for days! “Phones heat up a little bit giving bacteria a nice warm environment. If people handle sweets and leave a sticky coating on the phone, that’s an even better place for bacteria,” Dr. Cutler says.

This is why it’s very important to wash your hands well with soap and water any time you’re using the bathroom.

With such knowledge, you should try as much as possible to leave the phone when attending to nature calls. Prevention as always is far better than cure.