For the past few weeks, things seem not to be going on well at Zylofon Music as some of its leading artists have planned to show themselves the exit. First, it was Stonebowy and now reports trooping in says Queen Becca is set to leave the label.

According to the insider, Becca has plans of leaving the label as she has been grumbling aside the money the label paid her nothing profitable has been added to her profession.

”Becca wants to leave the label and actually, she feels nothing has been added to her career” the source revealed.

Again the source disclosed Becca is only with the label for now because she doesn’t want to see as an ungrateful person and would gladly jump off the label should she get the green light.

”She would gladly quit if given the go-ahead but then she is only hanging in because she does not want to be seen ungrateful” says the source

Becca is among the few female Ghanaian musicians who have worked tirelessly over the past few years projected Ghana music to the global music scene.