Madam minister, you stood infront of all of use when you took your turn during the meet the press series and introduced a man called Richard Boateng. You believe and trust him to the extent that you entrusted our film industry research in his hands.

You have so much believe in him that a good research results will come out. Madam minister you failed to tell the industry how much of state funds has been injected into the research and which research company handling the project. You keep meeting stakeholders of the Film industry and refuse to talk about the research.

How smart! The hypocrisy in this is when you keep talking and preaching about creative Art bill in the pipeline when so called data collection, and the research which will determine the Fibre of the Film industry is missing in action.

How do you help the industry, what prominence has your ministry given the KPMG research on Ghana music in 2012. Creative Arts looks bleak.