5 MOST TALENTED Ghanaian Radio Presenters Who Later Became Musicians

Music is such very evocative so it’s not surprising that some radio presenters all over the world cannot resist the temptation of trying their luck on music as well.

The list below captures some finest radio presenters in Ghana who ventured into music.

#Gabby Adjetey

Gabby Adjetey made radio presenting attractive in the early days of private radio stations in Ghana. He hosted arguably the most listened programme on radio- Drive Time on JOY 99.7 FM.

He is the son of the late speaker of parliament the Rt. Hon. Peter Ala Adjetey. He ventured into music somewhere along the line. He even is considered one of the pioneers of the hiplife movement. He also produced Kaseem’s Ka fee Tsaka Tsaka in 1999.

Gabby was not successful with his musical career but in the world of radio, he was a priceless gem.

#DJ Abio

DJ Abio, born Stanley Nyame is a veteran radio presenter. He was with Radio Universe in 1994 but left for Channel R in 1999 where he served as the General Manager for ten years before he quit and left for the United State in America.

He took everyone by surprise when he suddenly decided to do music. He produced Adonko

which enjoyed a considerably airplay. He made other singles but his fans enjoyed him as a radio presenter rather than a musician.

#Jon Germain

The first time I heard Jon Germain singing, I couldn’t believe my ears. In fact many doubted he actually made the In my head song until he dropped the video. He soon gained worldwide recognition for his captivating lyrics and ‘bedroom demeanour.’

He has produced other hits like Love Zone, Threesome, Quiver and many others.

Jon Germain started as a radio presenter in 1997 with the defunct Choice FM and later moved to Atlantis Radio. Intermittently he worked as a TV presenter at Metro TV for programmes like Allo Tigo, Unplugged and Smash TV.

He is now with Starr FM but we know his passion for music will make him bounce back in style.

#Andy Dosty

Andy Dosty is a radio presenter and DJ with Multimedia. He has two albums to his credit and he is doing relatively well musically although he has been complaining he doesn’t get the needed support as musician from his colleague DJs.

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