Accra100.5FM DR KAY captured in ANAS AREMEYAW ANAS

Accra100.5FM’s Drive Time Show ‘Nkran Kwanso’ has been captured in investigative journalist Anas Aremeyaw Anas’ recent exposé on quack doctors who purport to have COVID-19 cures despite the World Health Organisation (WHO) saying there is no cure for the pandemic.

Anas’ latest investigative piece seeks to expose a COVID-19 scam alleged to be worth thousands of dollars.

It also exposes two Ghanaian quack doctors taking advantage of the pandemic to make money from the sale of fake drugs alleged to be cures for the deadly virus.

In a yet-to-be premiered video, the host of Nkran Kwanso, Doctor Kay, is captured asking Dr Abdellah of Dr Abdellah Clinic about the drug, which he claimed could cure COVID-19.

“How sure are you that you have a cure for COVID-19?” Doctor Kay inquired.

Dr Abdellah, a traditional herbalist stated: “Well, my confidence level is 99.9.”

He, however, noted that the medicine was not for sale, as it was awaiting approval from the appropriated regulators.

In the video, the investigative journalist visits the clinic posing as someone whose brother was suffering from the deadly virus.

Anas then bought three bottles of the alleged COVID-19 cure for GHS1,000 although Dr Abdellah Snr. warned that one of his bottles would cause diarrhoea.

They later got in touch with Anas’ investigative team again after a few weeks to urge them to purchase more bottles and in order to impress the team, Dr Abdellah claimed to have mysterious powers.

The Abdellahs demanded over $25,000 for 120 bottles.

Anas’ team, however, did not return to the clinic but rather sent the products to the Food and Drugs Authority (FDA) for testing where it was detected that their products did not meet the standards for human consumption.

The production facility of the Abdellahs has since been shut down by the FDA.

The Abdellahs have also been arrested



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