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Autopsy report reveals some people died of Covid-19 while others didn’t died with it – Dr Akoriyea

some Covid-19 bodies at the Ga East District hospital show, some of the deceased did not die of Covid-19, but comorbidities; that is other health issues.

The revelation also shows some of the deceased actually died of the coronavirus after it attacked their lungs and the kidney.

Revealing portions of the report to Joynews’ Latif Iddrisu, leader of the Covid-19 test team in Ghana Dr. Samuel Kaba Akoriyea said, “we realized that in some cases, it was the comorbidity that killed the patients.”

For case managers, the revelation means if a Covid-19 patient has comorbidities like diabetes and hypertension, and those diseases are aggressively treated like they do for the coronavirus, that patient stands the chance of surviving the virus.

Many Covid-19 patients have died because case managers turn to pay more attention to treating Covid-19 at the detriment of the comorbidities; some of which are more lethal and at critical stages, resulting in deaths that could have either been avoided or at least have a situation where the lives of those Covid-19 patients are elongated even for a day, two or more.

Health experts interprete the revelation as a giant step, expressing confidence that the findings will inform treatment process going forward, and possibly save a lot more lives.

Case managers of Covid-19 in Ghana in the coming days are expected to shift from prioritizing the treatment of the coronavirus, to the regime of paying equal attention to treating the virus and comobidities following the findings of the autopsy.

Ghana on April 30 joined the league of nations across the world to have conducted autopsies on Covid-19 bodies by disemboweling two bodies that expired after battling the coronavirus.

The move according to experts, is to help unravel the mysteries surrounding the deadly virus.

The confirmation was made after pathological specimens of the corpses were taken through PCR confirmatory tests, and the samples came out with many other findings; a chunk of which will be made available to case managers and other health experts, in a bid to outsmart a pandemic that has killed thousands and derailed the global economy.


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