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COVID-19 – B5 PLUS extends the period of free medical oxygen to public hospitals

B5 Plus Ltd, manufacturers of steel products and producers of industrial gases, has extended the offer to supply public hospitals with free oxygen to the end of May 2020.


Mr Mike Thakwani, Chairman of B5 PLUS, announced the offer at the beginning of April 2020 in light of the possible huge demand for oxygen due to the novel Coronavirus, COVID-19.


B5 PLUS has also contributed to the easing of the plight caused by the Coronavirus in various other ways.


Besides for a donation of GHS 300,000 towards the COVID-19 National Trust Fund, the company has also been distributing food items to needy families in the areas of its operation.


In addition, various medical supplies such as face masks and temperature guns have been ordered that will be provided as a donation to the government of Ghana to help in its fight against the pandemic that has overwhelmed the world.


More than 600 households in the communities of Lakpleku, Tsopoli, Old and New Ningo, Prampram, Dawhenya and Kpone were supported with the critical needs in the wake of the COVID-19.outbreak. Apart from that the company also supported more than 4,000 members of staff with food packages to help out during the period of restricted movement.


Mr Thakwani again commended the government of Ghana for its management of the situation and called on everyone to heed the prescribed hand protection measures such as hand-washing, wearing of face masks in public and especially the maintenance of social distancing protocols to protect not only oneself but to indeed protect others.


“The new Coronavirus has disrupted life for many individuals and businesses, and B5 PLUS has not been spared. As part of our social responsibility programme, however, it is important to us to do as much as we can to help in fighting the menace so that life can return to “normal” for all the people of Ghana,” Thakwani said.


Public hospitals interested in taking up the offer of free oxygen can contact B5 PLUS on 024 340 0390.


About B5 Plus Ghana


B5 Plus Ghana Limited was established about 20 years ago with its corporate headquarters at Kpone near Tema, and was initially importing steel and iron from Cote d’ Ivoire and South Africa, but has grown to the stage where it now exports to other countries.


In November 2018, the company supported the Ghanaian government’s One District One Factory initiative with the establishment of an $80 million steel factory at Ningo-Prampram in the Greater Accra Region.


B5 Plus Limited operates in all the 15 Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) nations.


The company’s principal product is steel products which come in seven major categories such as mild steel, high tensile & iron rods, galvanized products, stainless steel, marine & mining, roofing & nails and concrete & fencing.


Its vision is to become the world’s steel industry benchmark through the excellence of its people, its innovative approach and overall conduct.


B5 Plus employs about 10,000 people in Ghana and numerous others across the West African subregion.

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