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In order to help have effective fight against the novel coronavirus, a group called The Ahafo Generals(TAG) has donated a number of Personal Protective Equipments(PPEs) worth thousands of cedis to the Ahafo Regional Health Directorate to be distributed to health facilities.

The PPEs which include 30 boxes(1500 pieces) of face masks, 20 boxes(2000 pieces) of examination gloves and 60 bottles of hand sanitizers(200ml) are to distributed to health facilities at Hwidiem, Duayaw Nkwanta, Goaso, Kenyasi, Mim, Kukuom, Acherensua and Bechem amid COVID-19 pandemic.

Presenting the PPEs at the forecourt of the temporal office of the directorate, the Chief Administrator and Founder of TAG, Winfred Kofi Ofori Adjei, said, for the region to effectively fight against the virus a helping hand must be given to the government so the members of TAG decided to procure the PPEs for the health facilities.

According to him, the group believes that once health workers are equiped well with PPEs it will make the confident and boost their moral to try their possible means to prevent the virus hitting the region. Again, they will know that residents within and outside the region have them at heart so it will ginger them as they apply their mandatory exercise.

He mentioned that Ahafo is one of the newly created regions expecting to have developmental projects to improve the living conditions of the people but once there is an outbreak of COVID-19 now all efforts must be channelled to the fighting of it to keep the people safe for them to enjoy the fruit of voting massively for the existence of the region.

“Helping people to be safe amid COVID-19 is paramont now” Nana Ofori stated.

On his opinion whether the managers of the region have put prudent measures in place to help prevent the virus, Nana Ofori who was a key figure in the creation of Ahafo Region revealed that, commendation must be given to them because per the statistics of Ministry Of Health(MOH), Ahafo is among the three regions with no case of COVID-19 so it is a plus.

He expressed that residents have also play key role for such achievement so therefore they should keep on adhering to all the preventive protocols issues by MOH and Ghana Health Service(GHS). Once the people comply Ahafo will be a better place to live amid COVID-19 pandemic.

Receiving the items on behalf of the facilities, the Regional Health Director, Boakye Boateng, thanked the team for supplying such value items to his outfit to cussion them in a better position to help fight the virus.

He explained, the government is doing its part with the supply of PPEs to health workers but due to how the materials are used, on frequently basis new ones are needed. He urged others to emulate what the group has done because fighting the virus is a collective responsibility.

The Regional Health Director advised the people to keep respecting the protocols because they are the only means to curb the spreading of the virus. He said, his outfit is still engaging the residents on COVID-19 sensitization and they hope in due time the people will appreciate the presence of the virus especially the doubting ones.

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