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Lesotho scientist, Kemelo Sanett Matela, who hails from the northern district of Butha-Buthe claims to have formulated a remedy that will cure Covid-19 and wipe it off once and for all. The scientist has code named his medicine “Phytochemicals”.

Matela said:

“COVID-19 Phytochemicals is a phytochemical mixture made from extraction of volatile organic compounds from 14 local medicinal plants.

“I have also engaged in scientific researches from which I published five peer-reviewed international scientific SCOPUS indexed research articles based in the following countries in three countinents; Europe, Africa and Asia; Italy (2), Nigeria (1), Brunei Darussalam (1) and Malaysia (1).

“Three of my published researches were fully focused on medicinal plants of Lesotho and were published in the following Scientific academic journals; Journal of PhamarcologyOnline (Italy), Journal of Medicinal Plants Research (Nigeria) and Scientia Bruneiana (Brunei Darussalam).

“This COVID-19 Phytochemicals have resulted from phytochemical mixture of volatile organic compounds extracted from 14 plants including the plants I researched and published in the aforementioned academic journals.

“Since we now have a COVID-19 positive person, I am asking for him to perform clinical test and for his cure.” He said.

The scientist graduated from the National University of Lesotho obtaining First Class in BSc Chemical Technology.

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