COVID-19:United State funds Madagascar herbal treatment after WHO disapproves it

The lastest controversial ‘cure’ to the COVID-19 pandemic came from Madagascar, Covid-Organics is a herbal remedy made from local plants that are also used to cure malaria.

Last week WHO (World Health Organization) said there is no proof that the remedy works while the Presidency claims it has been tested and have cured people.

WHO says the only hope is in a vaccine, but the Madagascar said they will not wait for a vaccine and the president has for the remedy to be used for both cure and prevention.

While WHO disaproves the remedy USA ambassador Michael Pelletier said the American goverment will fund Madagascar $2.5 milliom.

“the contribution of $2,500,000 as additional funding granted to Madagascar as part of the fight against the coronavirus” Michael Pelletier said

“the exclusive allocation of this sum in popularization on the national territory of the solutions found”. he added in an address exclusively in Malagasy.

Other local sources say that three teams of Western researchers, respectively German, Danish and American, have combined their efforts to carry out analyzes on the preventive and curative scope of the use of artemisia for the treatment of coronavirus.

Only time will tell whether African remedy will be a solution to a global problem.

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