DKB Open Fire for haters pitting him against other comedians

Comedian DKB has said, he will not fall victim to internet trolls who are always trying to pit him against his fellow comedians.

According to him, he is the standard of comedy in Ghana and that is the only reason they would be against him so much.

“…because if you are wearing the standard you won’t be marching up things against me,” he wrote on Instagram.

DKB does not care what these trolls are up to neither would he fight his colleagues just to entertain them.

Lexic the Comic, OB Amponsah and most recently Clemento Suarez, are some of the comedians DKB said people have praised and compared him with.

“I have not reacted to these things and I don’t care…at least you are comparing me to a fellow Ghanaian and not a foreigner. So at least all the attention stays here,” he added.

DKB explained that he appreciates, comedy in Ghana would at least develop since all the attention is still on him and his colleagues than foreigners.





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This is a a strong message to those always trying to bring me down or comparing me with other comedians. 😡 🔥

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