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Don’t neglect your mother just because a Prophet told you that she is a witch – Great Ampong

Gospel musician, Great Ampong known in real life as Isaiah Kwadwo Ampong has lambasted churchgoers who accept it wholeheartedly when a fake prophet informs them that their mother is a witch.

He said that as a believer of the gospel of Jesus Christ he doesn’t joke with miracles and prophecies but it does not mean that every church service or sermon must necessarily be prophetic as portrayed by some men of God.

In a virtual interview with Cape Coast’s finest radio personality, Amansan Krakye on GBC Radio Central monitored by Ghana Breaking News Great Ampong said those who neglect their mothers because of being accused of witchcraft are digging their own graves.

Because I even prophesy in people’s lives which becomes a reality. God uses us in so many ways but that doesn’t mean whenever you enter a church there must be prophecies. Every blessed day we come and we’re given prophetic words.

” So can’t there be a normal church service where we go and listen to the word of God without having to sell water, or using some strange doctrines to put fear into people. There are some people that because of what a Pastor said they don’t even buy food for their parents.

“If you can neglect your mother who gave birth to you because you were told she’s a witch whilst you now have a good job but you can buy pizza, buy expensive clothes and cars, rent an accommodation for your girlfriend, do you think it will auger well for you.

I have said that the crusade by Kennedy Agyapong against fake prophets is been directed by God but some people think he doesn’t go to church so they don’t take him seriously”.


He remarked “There are certain things we brought into Christianity ourselves which formally wasn’t like that. It was a Roman Father who gave a prophecy about me that I will become a great musician in future and according to what my mother told me by the grace of God everything has come to pass.

“So prophetic words will never come to an end. However, those who haven’t been called by God but are making people believe that they’ve been called are the ones who have caused all this problem. There are true men of God because I will be a liar if I say there are no true prophets.

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