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EC says there will be no vote transfer in 2020 general elections

The Director of Electoral Services at the Electoral Commission (EC) has ruled out transfer of votes in the upcoming general election.

Dr Serebour Quaicoe says to transfer a vote, one must have registered 12 months prior to the transfer.

With the compilation of a new Voters Register in the offing, Dr Quaicoe says the electorate would be expected to register at where they reside or would be voting in December.

He added that with less than six months to the election, nobody will qualify to transfer votes.

Dr Quaicoe also addressed concerns about the registration process.

According to him, despite the structured period being used for the registration, the EC would spend more time at a location should natural activities like rain mar the registration exercise.

He said there would be a mopping up exercise across the country as well.

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