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Fulanis in Ghana kick against use of Ghana card, passport for new voter card

The Tabital Pulaaku International Ghana Chapter and Danbaki Royal family representing the entireFulani community in Ghana, have kicked against the Electoral Commission’s (EC) plans to resort to the use of the Ghana card and passport as proof of citizenship for the upcoming voter registration exercise billed for later this month.

The groups are calling on Parliament to reject the CI laid before it to make it lawful for the EC to use only the Ghana card and passport for the registration exercise.

The Fulani community in Ghana noted that many of their compatriots have no Ghana card or passport and, therefore, “Passing or accepting the CI in its current state amounts to disenfranchising the entire Fulani community in Ghana.”

In a statement, the Fulani community called for the amendment of the CI to include other national documents such as the birth certificate, current voter ID among others, “or we call for a total rejection of the CI.”


The Fulani community said they will continue to resist any attempt by any national publicinstitution that tries to de-nationalise them in the country.

The concerns of the Fulani dovetail into calls by the main opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC) and some political parties that resorting to the use of only the Ghana card and passport as proof of identification for the voter card registration will disenfranchise many Ghanaians.

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