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Gender Minister In HOT SOUP for sharing expired food items at Agona West

National Democratic Congress (NDC) in the Agona West Constituency in the Central region has slammed  the Minister for Gender, Children and Social Protection, Madam Cynthia Mamle Morrison for allegedly distributing expired food items to residents in the area.

The party said Madam Morrison, who is also the Member of Parliament (MP) for the Constituency, must apologize to her constituents for sharing the unwholesome food items as relief packages to the constituents during the period of the  Coronavirus lockdown in March.

Communities where the expired food items were distributed are Saalem, Dasuenim, Ankyease and Nkubease, the NDC said at a press conference.

“…We succeeded in retrieving some of the items, with many others also regrettably already consuming the items- some of which are currently in our possession as evidence,” Emmanuel Korley, the NDC Secretary in the constituency, noted at a press conference during the weekend.

Whatever is worth doing, they say, is worth doing right. So we cannot countenance shoddy, substandard and inferior goods under the guise of showing care for the people- that’s unacceptable and reprehensible.”

Mr Korley, who indicated the food items were shared on March 24, 2020, also stated the people’s attention had also been drawn to the fact that the ice cream they received from the MP had expired.

He said the press conference was to ” draw the attention of the people to be very careful of future donations to prevent the recurrence of consuming expired food items and to also prevent many unsuspecting children and women from consuming the unwholesome ice cream.”

“For us in the NDC, Politics is not the destruction of one’s opponents to win political power using subterfuge, sophistry and chicanery but rather it is the construction of the destiny of one’s people, lobbying for meaningful development like good health care, quality education, access to water and electricity and provision of sustainable jobs which is consistent with our egalitarian ethos, ” said Korley.

To prevent people from consuming the ice cream and fall ill, the NDC asked them to destroy them upon alerting them.

The NDC has urged the MP to stop the rhetorics and apologize to the residents.

“So, instead of condemning us, ab initio, especially our comrade, Nana Kweku Dodoo for the timely exposé, we must actually be commended for being worthy citizens of Agonaman, concerned about the health of our people as key stakeholders in the governance of Agonaman,” Korley concluded.




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