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Ghanaian Politician Kennedy Agypong talks on how he defrauded the US Immigration System

A member of parliament in Ghana has said that he took advantage of the “weak” Reagan administration policies to smuggle in over a 1000 illegal or undocumented Ghanaian immigrants into America through the United States immigration programme.

The Member of Parliament for Assin Central Kennedy Agyapong who bragged on Citi TV in Ghana said he has made billions of dollars from defrauding the United States government because he was smarter than the system.

Kennedy Agyapong who is also a prime suspect in the murder of a journalist in Ghana, Ahmed Suale has gone on a rampage on various media platforms in Ghana to talk about how he plans to do more when given the opportunity because he believes the United States immigration is the weakest in the world. He talked about his mansion in New Jersey which he purchased through duping the US system during Reagan’s era.

Kennedy Agyapong spoke on how he laundered money to Ghana from the US because he could not save in any American bank then because he was against paying taxes to the US government.

The self-acclaimed millionaire made these pronouncements when he was interviewed about his involvement in the murdering of another member of parliament JB Danquah in 2016.

Kennedy Agyapong in the interview talked about how his daughter became a drug addict and a prostitute all because she associated herself with a “white American” who to him have no vision and purpose in life.

The Ghanaian politician who holds an American green card minced no words when he admitted he laundered money through celebrities who visited the US by handing over thousands of dollars to them to bring to Ghana to avoid paying taxes on them. It is rumored that the US government through its embassy in Ghana has revoked the green card status of Kennedy Agyapong and therefore making him go all out to speak on how the American system is weak making him take advantage of it.


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