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Hawa Koomson Panics Over Strong Turnaround Of NDC In Kasoa

Furry and anxiety has set into the camp of Member of Parliament for east Awutu senya constituency in the central region of Ghana. The incumbent Member of Parliament and minister for special initiative, honorable Hawa Koomson, is currently in a state of furry for the uncertainty to retain her seat after the 2020 election.

The current team built by NDC in the constituency, led by chairman Agyare, has begun rejuvenating the branches and various camps to redefine their strength, towards capturing power and winning the Awutu Senya eat seat, which has been held by NPP since 20012.

The effort of the current parliamentary candidate and her zeal seems fascinating. It is better than what the NDC exhibited some eight years ago. Lawyer Naa Koryor, has gone out of her way to institute plan to unite the old and the new executives of the party in the region to give everyone the chance to work towards the success and revival of the party.

Millennium news interaction with some branch executives of the party shows mark of appetite for power. And they have pledge to bury all differences and work towards redeeming the image and Integrity of NDC in the region.

Since the former head teacher of ICCODEHS, took office as Member of Parliament for the constituency, little was achieved in the area of human and infrastructural development.

What the Member of Parliament was reportedly good at, is to splash monies around during parties, funerals and other social gatherings. But when it comes to issues of development, her cooperation is little in that regard.

Several road networks and other ancillary works inherited from the former NDC administration are currently in slow pace of progress. And in some cases, works have halted due to contract termination and re-awarding.

Many communities continue to battle for bad roads when it rain. Gullies are created all over with difficulties faced motorist and residents.

Number of unemployed cases and crime continue to rise under the watch of the current MP and municipal assembly chief executive.

Residents, drivers and market men and women are clamoring for change in that constituency, which would bring an improvement to their lives.

the level of benevolence and cohesiveness by the NDC parliamentary candidate in the constituency, is outstanding unlike what was presented some years back. which made competitiveness unease for the party in the past elections contested in the constituency.

Nonetheless, members of the NDC at the awutu senya east,  have pledge to unseat the incumbent MP and increase the vote of NDC during the presidential race, to enable them bring the positive change the constituency and the entire country deserve.

meanwhile, survey made by millennium news online, shows the NDC parliamentary candidate will make massive winning incursion, if the party becomes vigilant and protect their ballot during the 2020 elections.





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