I want to Collaborate With Fameye Because He Has a Unique Voice. – Mr. Sab

New Nigerian Afrobeat sensation, Mr. Sab who is currently in Ghana says he would want to collaborate or feature Ghanaian artiste, Femeye because he thinks Fameye has a unique voice.

Mr. Sab, who is also a song writer and singer, was speaking on Adom FM and he said he looks forward to collaborating with Ghanaian artistes more especially Fameye.


“… I’d like Fameye as well, because I wanna do a cool song with him for mothers. His voice is unique. I listened to one of his songs I can’t remember right now but it’s a hit. That his breakthrough hit I fell in love with that song, Matee or something like that, I really love that song”

Mr. Sab is still in the country promoting his songs.

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