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JUSTIN: Police storm Obuasi over protest against COVID-19 isolation centre

Security personnel have been deployed to Obuasi in the Ashanti Region after residents there protested against plans to establish an isolation centre for COVID-19 patients in that part of the country.

The residents fear contracting the virus from the isolation centre.

District Chief Executive (DCE) of Obuasi East, Faustina Amissah, urged the residents to support the decision because it was for their own good.

“The figures that are coming out are not an exaggeration. They are real, but there is hope. People can still stay at home and observe the protocols and stay safe.

“Some of them have been infected, we want to isolate them so that the health workers will monitor and give them better treatment, so, they do not spread the virus”.

“So, I am pleading with those who are resisting that they should not because you can’t foretell if their close contacts are infected or not”.

“So, if they resist, they may stay in the same house with positive persons. So I am pleading with everyone to compromise so that at the end of the day, we will all stay and have a life after everything is done.”

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