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Ken Agyapongs’s baby mama goes crazy BY OPEN FIRE on social media again

Kennedy Agyapong’s baby mama Moira Araba Dawson-Williams a day after releasing an emotional apology letter together with her daughter Anell to the MP on Father’s Day has swallowed his words back.

In Moira Araba’s recent apology to Kennedy Agyapong, she regretted her action after insulting Kennedy Agyapong following the MP’s live interview disgracing their daughter for going wayward.

The apologies by both the mother and daughter were painfully declined by the politician on live TV in the early hours of the morning. Kennedy in his address to the issue said there’s nothing positive both can offer to his life.

He bitterly took a swipe at his daughter too saying he would rather sleep with an HIV/AIDS infected ‘Ashawo’ to get pleasure than to spend money to pay the school fees of a wayward child.

The mother, Moira Araba Dawson-Williams unhappy about the turn of events after her powerful apology was turned down has gone crazy again on social media this time leaking out serious pieces of information about her baby daddy Ken.


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