Kwabena Kwabena has threatened to drag Kontihene court

Highlife artiste Kwabena Kwabena has threatned to drag fellow musician Kontihene to the law court over comments he made that suggest the former is on drugs.
Kwabena Kwabena disclosed this on the Entertainment Capital on Accra100.5FM, on Saturday, 4 July 2020.
Kontihene in an interview earlier this month noted that instead of making others benefit from their gift, some artistes are using the gift to influence others into doing drugs.
According to the hiplife artiste, a lady’s mum came to him some time back to complain that his [Kontihene’s] boy was influencing her daughter into being on drugs leading to her addiction.
In that same interview the highlife artiste alleged an artiste whose life he had been very instrumental in, was currently on drugs.
However, reacting to Kontihene’s claims, Kwabena Kwabena told show host Nana Romeo that: “In 2016, I received a phone call from Kontihene, saying you’re the boss currently so I want to do a song with you. Fred Nuamah is my witness, I called him to tell him this is what has happened whether to do it or not. Fred said to continue doing what I’m doing but I sat down and my instincts, and also when I remembered something he [Kontihene] told a friend we all knew, Nana Dusei, at the time in 2006 that I cannot do a song that will become more popular than ‘Asor’.
“Meaning he had cursed me. Then 2016, 10 years on, you call me to collaborate with you on a song and I didn’t do it. It ended there, we haven’t met anywhere since then. So, what gives you the right to sit somewhere and say that ‘you’ve cultivated a corn farm for me to consume’ and that if you had invested in something else, it would have yielded results because looking at me, I’m sitting somewhere doing drugs. Very serious allegations, you don’t do that. I didn’t want to talk. My mother has been on my case like what’s going on, guess what, I have news for him that comment he made, he should get ready I’m taking him to court, I didn’t want to talk.”
According to the asor hitmaker, Kontihene has on countless times done a lot to run him down but he has ignored him.
“He should be very careful,” Kwabena Kwabena warned.

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