Make payouts to needy contributors – Mahama appeals to SSNIT

NDC flagbearer John Mahama has appealed to the Social Security and National Insurance Trust (SSNIT) to make payouts to its contributors who are needy as the country battles coronavirus.

“Social security contributions are essentially an insurance scheme made not just for pensions in old age before we die. They are also made to help contributors in times of adversities such as this.

Not all will come out and queue for food, but as has been done in other countries like St. Lucia, I think a token payment to all contributors of a certain token sum over three months would have afforded many the assurance of feeding their families during this abnormal times,” Mahama noted at his ‘Digital Conversation’ Thursday.

It comes in the wake of public outcry of challenges being faced by families who have lost jobs or whose jobs are not functional as a result of the pandemic.

Mahama also bemoaned government’s efforts at feeding the vulnerable.

“It is important to note that government’s humanitarian intervention to alleviate the unintended but predictable consequences of the lockdown have been an abysmal failure.

“The distribution of food was chaotic and disorderly and in some cases partisan. It flouted all protocols of social distancing and prevention of the spread of the virus. Definitely, no careful planning went into the implementation of this initiative as its characteristics of this current administration.”


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