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MoH Recruits 10,097 Nurses, Midwives

The Health of Ministry has received financial clearance for the employment of some 10,097 graduate nurses and midwives who completed both public and private health training institutions in 2017

A clearance letter from the Ministry of Finance signed by the Deputy Minister, Abene Osei-Asare, said the effective date of appointment for the first batch of 1,171 Registered General Nurses and Midwives (Degree) should not be earlier than August 1, and the remaining 8,926 Registered General Nurses and Midwives
(Diploma) should not be earlier than September 1.

The letter urged the Health Ministry to ensure that the nurses and midwives have their documents processed in time and placed on the Mechanized Payroll to enable the Controller and Accountant-General’s Department effect payment of their salaries.

“The emoluments of the Nurses and Midwives should be charged against the Compensation Of Employees vote of the Ministry of Health in the 2020 Annual Estimates,” the letter directed.

It also directed the Controller and Accountant-General to effect the payment of their salaries and make appropriate deductions of Social Security and Income Tax to SSNIT and the Domestic Tax Division of Ghana Revenue Authority (GRA) respectively.

“Please note that the financial Clearance expires at the end of 31st December, 2020 and cannot be used thereafter,” the letter stated.




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