The Mines Worker’s Wives Association – Newmont in the Ahafo Region has distributed 300 nose masks worth hundreds of cedis to market women in the Asutifi North District to help fight against the COVID-19 pandemic in the country.

The 300 locally made nose masks were dashed to the market women who operate at the Kenyasi weekly market centre to protect them against COVID-19.

On behalf of the association, the President of the Kenyasi Branch, Rebbeca Anderlin said for the country to completely combat the virus all must support each other and the government so the association decided to come to the aid of the market women who are at risk most to be infected with the virus due to how they interact with people all the time.

She explained, the association released that although the price of nose mask is moderate yet there are some market women who are not willing to purchase due to reasons best known to them so the association capitalized on it to provide them for their own good and that of the general public as well.

She revealed that in the course of distribution, the few members of the association who were present took time to engaged the women on the disease and the reason why it is necessary for them to put on the nose mask all the time as they confront their customers.

“We assisted them in wearing the nose masks and urged them to respect the other protocols” Rebecca said.

The association disclosed that though the Asutufi North District Assembly(ANDA) has put prudent measures in place, the social distancing protocol remains problematic so giving them nose masks is a perfect decision because one might not know the carrier of the virus. It pledged the people in the district to support them from time to time to ensure that all are safe from the deadly virus.

Some of the beneficiaries thanked and commended the association for the provision of the masks and the advocacy which are crucial amid the COVID-19 pandemic. They assured the association of always fixing the nose masks as they engaged in their activities to prevent them against the virus.

They appealed to the association to keep supporting them and extend the distribution of the nose masks to other market centers in the district to keep all residents safe.


STORY BY Sammy Asare, Ahafo Kenyasi.

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