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NPP primaries: I’ll floor Kofi Adda like David and Goliath – Minister

The Upper East Regional Minister Tangoba Abayage says she will cause an upset on Saturday in the Navorongo Central primaries when she faces off with the incumbent Kofi Adda, who is also the Aviation Minister.

The two political giants in the region go head to head in the constituency seen as one of the keenest in the governing NPP’s primaries. Madam Abayage was responding to some delegates who pledged their votes for the incumbent arguing that the former Ambassador to Italy was not well known in the constituency

Speaking on Campaign Trail on the Ghana Breaking news, one delegate said
“Kofi Adda is the only candidate who we think can maintain the seat for us in Navrongo. This woman just came recently, no one knows her. And voting for this woman simply means we are giving the seat to NDC”.

Madam Abayage in response on Starr Today expressed surprise at the stance of the delegates

“I am surprised they say I am not well known. I was in this constituency before Kofi Adda came in 200. I have been here since 1989. The first time we voted in 1992 I voted in Navrongo. I voted in 1996 and 2000. Kofi Adda came in through a by-election when the late John Achuliwor died. I was the MC at the late Achuliwor’s funeral when Kofi Adda came in. So if Kofi Adda is now well known than me then I am actually surprised,” she recounted

Touching on her chances in Saturdays’ polls, Tangoba Abayage expressed confidence she will floor her fellow member of the executive.

“Saturday I am sure you will call me. I am hoping that my phone will not be off by then. The political analyst said it is going to be a close call; I am assuring you that it will be a landslide victory…..I have seen giants fall. You remember the story of David and Goliath? I said Saturday will come. Kofi Adda will not win this election. I can assure you on that,” she told Starr News Naa Dedei Tettey

The campaign trail is a new election watch programmer introduced by Starr FM to keep an eye on the various competitive seats as the NPP goes to primaries on Saturday and the general elections in December.



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