“Obinim was my mentee but it didn’t work; a good father can have a bad child” – Agyinasare

Perez Chapel International founder Bishop Charles Agyinasare has responded to a critic who accused him of staging miracles.

The accuser, Mr Obotan, had alleged on a TV programme that since, according to him, Bishop Daniel Obinim of the International God’s Way Churchhas been exposed as a fake pastor by lawmaker Kennedy Agyapong, then Obinim’s mentor must have taught him how to be fake.

Responding to the accusation, the Presiding Bishop of Perez Chapel International said on Sunday, 12 July 2020 that: “I normally don’t reply to my critics and accusers. However, recently, I am getting calls from all over the world that one Obotan or Blay, a herbalist, who claims to have been a fake pastor, sat on a TV platform to accuse me of being fake, claiming I trained Obinim, so, if he is ‘azaaa’, then I am chief [azaa]”.

“Jesus trained Judas – I am not comparing myself to Jesus, He was perfect God and perfect man – but Jesus trained Judas and Judas became a traitor. Did it make Jesus a traitor?”, Bishop Agyinasare asked.

“Well, I didn’t train Obinim, he asked for mentorship, I tried to mentor him, it didn’t work. A good father can have a bad child”, he added.

He said “since ministry is based on integrity, when I began to get these calls, my office has reached out to the producers of the programme that this so-called guy should produce evidence of his claims about me or he be made to retract the statement but nothing has been done”.

“Whereas in law, you are presumed innocent until found guilty, now, in our society, you are declared guilty till you prove your innocence. We can’t run this country like that and we can’t even allow politicians to run the church. It doesn’t work like that”, he noted.

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