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PHOTOS: Counselor Lutterodt Goes Mad;Uses His Wife’s Underwear As Nose Mask

14528280 893d 4f22 8363 93b0ce0fd5f4 Eabd530f 052b 4ba8 A99a B71ed969d665 2f83a1d2 524c 41cd B826 59642bfaff73Counselor Lutterodt has scaled up his controversial tag by appearing on a radio program with his wife’s underwear as a nose mask.

Widely known as Counselor Lutterodt, the public figure who was on Accra-based Neat FM to discuss a topic about mothers as the world commemorates Mothers’ Day on Sunday was clad in suit with a hat to match as usual.

A video he shared on his Facebook wall which captured the moment had him dip his hand into his pocket to pull out an underwear belonging to his wife to use as nose mask.

Lutterodt who works with the Korle Bu Teaching Hospital as a radiologist mentioned that President Akufo-Addo’s directive to the general public that all should wear nose masks to avoid contracting coronavirus must be adhered to and he has chosen to heed and celebrate his wife concurrently.

He has asked men to celebrate their baby mamas instead of women who have not given birth.

To we at RazzNews.com,we believe it’s only a mad man who would use his wife’s underwear as nose mask in public.

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