“Statesmen Peace Walk” for peaceful election – Afra Media Consult

The walk, dubbed ”Statesmen Peace Walk” is scheduled for Saturday, November 21, 2020, targeting high level political actors and on the theme: ”Walking for Peace, Before, During and After the Election.”

The event is designed to encourage youth participation in nation building and also to create a platform for political leaders to socialise ahead of the polls.

Mr Afra Harrison Kwaku Ofosu, the Chief Executive of Afra Media Consult said “Obviously we are in Election year and we deem it important to organise a walk to emphasize the need for peace.

“We need peace everywhere in society so we can live. When there is peace, it enhances nation building. We want to tell the world that when it comes to unity, despite the differences, we are one Ghana. This can be told better with our Statement walking together demonstrating oneness and love for one another.”

He appealed to all stakeholders in the political space, including; flagbearers, the Peace Council, religious bodies, election officials, and corporate institutions to support the initiative and preach tolerance and peaceful coexistence ahead of the polls.

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