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Test COVID-19 vaccine on senior gov’t officials

Social justice advocate Martha Wangari Karua has come out to strongly oppose the testing of the coronavirus vaccines on Kenyans.

On Saturday, the Kenyan politician, who is a former member of parliament for the Gichugu Constituency and an advocate of the high court of Kenya, said that if the Ministry of Health says Kenya is ready for the testing process, then the top government officials should be first in line.

“Now that @MOH_Kenya says Kenya is open to testing of British vaccines in Kenya let them be tested on members of the cabinet and their families and thereafter all elected representatives and senior government officials,” read a tweet from the former Minister of Justice who resigned in April 2009.

Coronavirus vaccines from the U.K

On Friday, reports emerged that scientists from Oxford University in the U.K were planning to test their vaccines in Kenya.

According to a report by the BBC, the scientists are considering trialling the vaccines in Kenya if at all they do not get the expected results in the United Kingdom.

Kenyans have since been questioning the decision to test the vaccines in their country seeing that the COVID-19 cases are still low as compared to other countries.

Ministry of Health

However, the Ministry of Health on Friday refuted claims that they had welcomed the testing on Kenyans, saying they are not aware of any trials.

Speaking during the daily COVID-19 briefing, Health CAS Rashid Aman noted that there are ethical procedures that must be followed before approving clinical trials on Kenyans.

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