The Interesting Story Behind Joy Industries

As the saying goes: No one can tell your story better than yourself.

Dr. Manfred Takyi, CEO of Joy Industries, a top brand in Ghana for medicinal and herbal products, tells the story about the starting of Joy Industries on Nkan Kwanso (Accra Chat) with Docta Kay on Accra 100.5 FM. Thursday, September 24th, 2020.

JOY Industries as known by many, started as a small family business in Suhum by Dr Manfred Takyi, together with his brothers Dr Harrison and Dr Enoch Sorgin.

It all began when the Sorgin family was struck with serious financial complications after some land issues led to his father fleeing from Suhum, leaving the family in a very strenuous state.

The Sorgin brothers took it upon themselves to continue their fathers work as herbalists in order to help fend for the family. This is where they developed their First product -Joy ointment.

”We started Joy ointment with less than twenty pieces of salves” Dr. Takyi said.
The name Joy was chosen because Joy is a household name which can easily be memorized and remembered by many.

Joy industries was initially Joy Herbal Centre.
Just like any infant industry, the progress to the current position of the company has not been easy.

Joy ointment became a well known herbal medicine today through the hard work and dedication of young men who went from door to door, stores to stores and roam in markets to sell their products.

The struggles and humiliations were so surreal that they had to move from Suhum to Akwadum near Koforidua in the Eastern Region to continue pursuing their dreams.

They still pushed through and registered the ointment with the Food and Drugs Board and advertised it on radio stations. This became their first breakthrough.

This breakthrough bred more products from Joy industries including the well known Joy Daddy Bitters. And even the opening of several radio stations and a media house eg Bryt Tv, Bryt FM, Daddy FM etc. ie Joy Daddy Multimedia.
The latest product by Joy Industries is Vikil 20 an immune booster which supports and strengthens the immune system to prevent diseases.

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