There is a spiritual chop bar below Accra-Eagle Prophet

Yesterday, Thursday 24th June 2020 some parts of Accra, the regional city of Ghana experience earth tremors. It happened 3 consecutive types in most places in Accra

Whiles people are bashing some all-knowing prophets in Ghana for not seeing this earthquake, Eagle Prophet has allegedly spoken about last night’s event. According to reports fast trending online, Eagle Prophet has allegedly said God has revealed to him what caused Thursday night’s tremor in Accra.

The renowned man of God claims there is a spiritual chop bar in hell which God has supposedly revealed to him is located below Accra. It was the chop bar operators in hell who were pounding their food that caused the 3 tremors Ghana experienced.

So it was not God who was coming or anything of that sort as many people believed that night, it was only some hungry witches and wizards preparing their fufu in hell. This is not the first time Eagle Prophet has made such a mind-blowing revelation about an event in Ghana. There are many instances the man of God has taken credit for prophesying like the school children accident in Kintampo, the Accra Mall accident, Takoradi kidnappings, and many more. Well, he speaks to God and he claims it’s some spiritual chop bar in hell located below Accra which caused the earthquake, who are we mere mortals to disagree… lol

SOURCE: ghpage

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